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Rumors floating around are suggesting that Mark Ruffalo and our favorite green radioactive monster will star in [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858).

So with the great news being semi-announced let's take a look at three possible plots for Thor: Ragnarok with Hulk included! If you'd like to see a prediction on the success of Ragnarok and Marvel's next four films, check out my other article.

1. Hulk vs. Thor

Hulk vs. Thor has played out plenty of times in Marvel's comics, making them friendly rivals among fans. But, we may finally get to see a fully fledged fight between the god of thunder and the green rage monster.

Little did we know, this first battle was just round one!

Hulk learned what Thors hammer could do
Hulk learned what Thors hammer could do

Hulk In Asgard?

Most MCU fans are wondering how Hulk and Thor will meet up. As of Age of Ultron, Thor went back to Asgard to get some answers about his vision, while Bruce Banner presumably sent himself to a deserted island so he couldn't hurt anyone as Hulk.

It would not surprise me if Hulk ended up in Asgard with the help of Thor. It's no secret that Thor has always been fascinated by Hulk, so I'm sure he'd be welcomed with open arms. While Bruce Banner may feel he's in a safer place in Asgard where he can't hurt anyone he loves.

But let's not forget about the master of trickery and deception who currently still resides in Asgard.

He was always just as fascinated with Hulk as Thor was. Not too long ago in Avengers, he manipulated Hulk, which turned Earth's Mightiest Heroes against each other.

If Hulk ends up in Asgard, we should definitely expect Loki to have some diabolical plan. Let's not forget, as of Thor: The Dark World, Loki is actually in charge of Asgard, so it may not be in Thor's favor for Hulk to be in Asgard against him.

2. Hulk and Thor Team Up

Complete with Stan Lee cameo
Complete with Stan Lee cameo

Above I mentioned that Loki has control of Asgard, he has either killed or gotten rid of his father, Odin, and is now impersonating him. When Thor returns from his battle with Ultron on earth, Asgard might not have a welcome wagon waiting for him. In fact, Loki may have been plotting the entire time and will have something deadly waiting for Thor.

One of Thor's biggest comic villains is Surtur, and he has a huge impact in the story of Ragnarok. He's basically the devil of the nine realms and he comes from the lowest realm: Muspelheim.

Looks like a nice guy right?
Looks like a nice guy right?

Imagine Thor returning to Asgard to his strongest villain yet. Unable to beat him alone, he calls on the one Avenger that isn't really busy.

Hulk Smash?
Hulk Smash?

Hulk and Thor may fight side-by-side to defeat Surtur and save Asgard. A new friendship is formed, and Loki is finally defeated for good. At the end of the film's climax, Hulk decides to stay in the nine realms and find an isolated planet to reside on, setting up:

3. None of the Above

Let's be honest. Sometimes us fanboys tend to get a little over excited when news like this comes out. We all go into a frenzy with our fan theories and predictions. But we always have to look at the possibility that maybe we won't get exactly what we want. In this case, there could be several meanings to Marvel's announcement.

More Bruce Banner, Less Hulk

Marvel could possibly have a plan to insert more Bruce Banner and less Hulk into the Thor series. It certainly wouldn't be surprising. I'm sure Thor's significant other, who still resides on earth, would love to work with Banner and pick his brain. A plot of them working together for a common goal isn't too far out.

A Brief Cameo

Marvel may just be pulling our legs here. It could be totally possible that Hulk is simply slated for a major cameo instead of a major role.


It's no surprise that Marvel likes to make changes. By the time Thor: Ragnarok actually is released, this news may be altered several times. These type of decisions are never set in stone.

Hopes and Dreams!

That doesn't mean we can't hope as fans. With or without Hulk, Ragnarok is going to be huge for Thor and the entire MCU. With a Thanos introduction possibly coming, and Thor's own enticing plot, I'm sure fans will flock to theaters regardless. But if this Hulk news indeed becomes validated, I'm sure fans will be flocking even faster!


Which plot would you like to see in Ragnarok?


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