ByTheresa Evans, writer at
...I enough to buy Origins and DA2 just to get more backstory. I loved the driven story line although i do wish that the side plots had some of the depth that the main story had and less fill. They also still had some bugs that still drivenme crazy with every play through (im on #4). I loved the dragon hunting, and the battles in general as a mage. I never quite got the hang of hand to hand battle in DAI. Kingdoms of Amular is the only RPG where i relished being a warrior over a mage. I aslo enjouye the crafting even if after my first playthrough i defaulted to modding the game so as not to spend hours scouing the world for just the right fade touched item. As for DAI 4, i will pre order and request a week off from work to play it and send the kids to grandmas. I do hope they can somehow expand and satisfy us Solas Levellan fans out here. I for one wouldn't mind a complicated path of choices that lead to the end of reuniting my favorite character set at the end Something even more difficult then making Liliana Devine will drive us crazy but make the ending even more worthwhile.

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