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Over the years, many heroes have been involved in politics, as mayors, Cabinet members, and heads of other nations. A few have even risen to the top spot in the United States and served as Commander in Chief. Here are five of the biggest super-names in American politics. Who is your ideal candidate?

1. Calvin Ellis, AKA Superman (Earth 23)

On DC's Earth-23, Calvin Ellis, also known as Superman, was elected President of the United States. He still maintains his secret identity, and has used this dual identity to supplement his crime fighting abilities, and vice versa. With the vast intelligence networks of the US government at his disposal, Calvin uses his powers to take on international issues like Iran's nuclear program, while also defending the planet from invaders like Brainiac.

2. Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America (Earth-1610)

In Marvel's Ultimate Comics, Captain America was elected President as a write-in candidate after the citizens questioned the legitimacy of the previous POTUS. Though reluctant to take on the role, Cap accepted, and was able to bring the country back from the brink of a civil war. He successfully reunited the nation, and reaffirmed the legitimacy of the government.

3. Oliver Queen, AKA Green Arrow

Oliver Queen successfully ran for Mayor of Star City, but his tenure wasn't quite what he'd hoped. His duties as mayor interfered with his crime fighting as Green Arrow, and his illegal manipulations of stocks and under-the-table funding of the Outsiders eventually led to his exposure and political destruction. This started him on a downward spiral that ended with his murder of Prometheus, imprisonment, and eventual exile from the city he once led and protected.

4. Kyle Richmond, AKA Nighthawk (Earth-712)

After the Squadron Supreme took down the previous POTUS of Earth-712 after his corruption was revealed, Kyle Richmond elected to enter politics, as he believed he could do more good. His past record spoke strongly for him, and he was elected President. He promptly came under the mental control of an alien being. Nighthawk remained brainwashed until the Nighthawk of Earth-616 intervened with the Defenders, and he decided to leave office and rejoin the Squadron Supreme.

5. Jefferson Pierce, AKA Black Lightning

When Lex Luthor became President, he had a somewhat odd choice for Secretary of Education. Jefferson Pierce's identity as Black Lightning was known as "the worst kept secret in Washington." This led to political backlash that stuck around until Pete Ross, who took over in Luthor's stead, pardoned him for his actions as a superhero. Despite the turmoil, Pierce used his position effectively, keeping tabs on Luthor and promoting education, all while using his pull to block known supervillains' legal endeavors.

So, with our candidates on the ballot, who would you choose to lead our nation?


If these five ran for President, who would you vote for?


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