ByAndrew “Andy” Valentine, writer at
Andrew “Andy” Valentine
I googled searched for it, hungry for new information everyday. As time went on, my hype grew. And ironically compared to others, my hyped payed off. I really enjoyed the film and it was all thanks to my daily research and positive thinking. I knew for a fact that the adaptation would be far from perfect and loosely adapted with some key sequences from the anime being kept. I accepted the fact that Captain Shikishima was originally suppose to be Levi but was changed to an original character by name only to fit the story for End of the World and because of the name Levi. All adaptations of books and video games are from perfect, there is always chunks and chunks of missing from the source. Gone Girl, Harry Potter, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, etc are examples but they made millions at the box office. So I don't understand why Attack on Titan is getting so much hate. People who haven't seen it are judging the film. There were many people who worked hard on the film. The pacing was as good as the show, the things the production crew did with the budget they were given did great. I could go on, but I disagree with many reviewers but respect their opinions except for those who did not see the film. I and my great friends will be watching End of the Word to see the epic conclusion. P.S. all changes were approved by the creator so one would think fans would be on board.

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