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PlayStation LifeStyle recently held an exclusive interview with Supermassive Games' executive producer Pete Samuels. While discussing sales, Samuels said that Until Dawn surpassed everyone's expectations, which even led to the game running out of stock in some stores! This certainly ties together with the fact that the game was ranked 7th in the US, and 2nd in the UK on the week of its launch. Well done, Supermassive!

While there were many interesting Q&As in the interview with PSLS, when I read the words about a potential sequel, I was ecstatic!

"We do talk internally about what Until Dawn 2 could be, as it clearly can’t be a sequel in the traditional sense, with the same characters facing the same threat, not least of which because in different stories some or all of them are already dead! We’ve investigated other ways we could do Until Dawn 2 but it probably is a little early to be discussing that."

What can we expect if the sequel isn't produced?

As Samuels already said, if Supermassive created Until Dawn 2, it wouldn't be a sequel in the traditional sense. With the nature of the game putting you in the driver's seat, it is possible that every single playable character will perish by the end of the game! So what can we expect if we don't see a sequel? Samuels had this to say:

"I think that you should expect the team to build on what we’ve done with Until Dawn, whether it’s in horror or in other genres. We’re already working on one thing that does that, whilst exploring other avenues for our other teams in anticipation of them finishing their current projects."

Could this "one thing" possibly mean that Supermassive is working on another interactive story as we speak? Another game in the horror genre? Another game that uses motion controls in a unique way? It's hard to say! Supermassive is staying pretty hush-hush on their current projects at the moment, so it looks like we'll have to play the classic "wait and see" game!

Supermassive won't create DLC for Until Dawn, unless...

Many of us fans were looking forward to seeing another story built onto Until Dawn without having to wait for a potential sequel. This expansion would most likely be given to us in the form of Downloadable Content (DLC). However, Supermassive made it quite clear that they're not going to push forward with any projects unless they feel confident that they can create it to the standards that we would all like to see.

"The underlying ‘truths’ in the story are pretty sacred. If an expansion of any kind required us to change a truth then we wouldn’t be happy doing it. We get asked a lot for a happy-ending for one character in particular. We can’t see how that could work without breaking some important truths. I’m not ruling out DLC, we just haven’t yet found the right context for it."

Truly listening to fans and taking their thoughts into consideration is the best thing a company can do. I'm overjoyed to say that this is something Supermassive has done well! With Until Dawn taking a step in the right direction for interactive stories, I can't wait to see what Supermassive accomplishes next!

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