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Hey guys, so recently I started thinking about some stuff. Primarily the comic industry and the rich and interesting history to the medium. Of course the characters that come from companies are awesome and we will touch on them as well, but let's start with the time honored phrase:

Malibu Comics (Also known as Malibu Graphics) was a company that had started in the mid to late 1980's with black and white creator owned but soon created a name for itself by publishing new series and comics based off of licensed properties (Ranging from Tarzan to Sherlock Holmes) as well as popular TV/movie/video game tie-ins. The company even started as a platform for Image Comics before the company went out on it's own.

Jesus taking himself off the cross...Thanks Rob...
Jesus taking himself off the cross...Thanks Rob...

...we forgive them for that of course.

With financial backing from Scott Mitchell Rosenberg; who was operating a comic distribution company called Sunrise Distributions at the time, they went on to create characters such as The All-New Exiles,

which was a team created in the aftermath of an event called Black September-which was a crossover event with Malibu and Marvel Comics bringing together a team which ran from the law while still engaging in super heroics.

Code Name: Firearm, which followed the story of a hero named James Hitch; a lodge sniper, whom, after going through a procedure that buried his personality, became a man named Peter Lopez, a happily married man. When things started unraveling and people trying to kill him, each personality got their own suit and each personality has the power to create fire hot enough to melt steel from their arms.

Finally Prototype. A corporate hero by the name of Jimmy Ruiz with an awesome suit that granted him strength, flight and a biological energy generator.

Going back to Marvel.

This is my favorite version of this logo.
This is my favorite version of this logo.

A year into operating, Marvel actually bought out Malibu Comics. Some would think it was because Marvel wanted to kill the competition. What's interesting is that this isn't the case. The reason behind the buy was because Malibu actually had a state of the art coloring system that they wanted. During the speculator boom, when comics sales began to decline industry wide, Marvel took the chance and bought the company. All of the characters, the stories and especially that software was acquired.

Dude...the heck?
Dude...the heck?

After a time Marvel canceled the Ultraverse-line of comics. Relaunching a number of the more popular characters in what was called the “Black September Event” as well as a number of crossovers with well known Marvel characters. Each started with issues but were sadly canceled a short time later. Despite a great start and being owned by one of the biggest companies in the industry very little Ultra-verse characters had been published since 96. To this day their universe (Within Marvel canon) has been designated Earth-93060


What did you guys think?


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