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**Spoiler warning ahead if you had not caught up with Gotham!**

Now that we are more into the swing of things in season 2 of Gotham while I am still trying to get over the death of Jerome. We are starting to see The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) take over the Gotham Underworld as King of Gotham. Taylor's character has completely broken out since season 1, showing us he's able to handle the role as The Penguin. Come season 2, the new lord of Gotham has to step up his game after the stunt with Jerome.

During the NYC Comic Con in an interview with, Taylor says,

"His confidence issues, at least outwardly with the other characters, was a tactic with them."

With that being said, we can gather that The Penguin shows a rather high level of confidence now that he is the lord of the Gotham Underworld but with a high level of confidence, he easily gets thrown off. Taylor also adds,

"It was a way to protect himself. He can't afford to do that now, he's the king of Gotham. He has to put out an extra effort to get all of these disparate crime families to work together."

The Penguin's newfound status leaves no room for screw ups but this leaves him to work with other characters like Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) and Theo Galavan (James Frain).

Although we'll be seeing The Penguin work with other characters within the Gotham Underworld, we'll be seeing a classic villain team-up within season 2. If you all can take a wild guess, The Riddler may eventually be teaming with The Penguin. While NYC, Taylor says that Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) and The Penguin will be coming back together in major ways this season. Gotham just keeps reeling me in each week with the new twists and the creators definitely know how to keep my head thinking about what will happen next. But I definitely can't wait to see The Penguin and Ed Nygma meet again, especially if they team up in this season. I'm already excited as it is for this entire season to play out but to hear that my two favorite villains will probably team up has me even more excited.


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