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Today the first tease for Marvel’s Daredevil season 2 dropped. You can watch the teaser below. (For some reason Moviepilot will only publish the link as text not video)

The trailer itself is very similar to other season teasers we have seen, for the most part it is a rerun of pivotal moments from season one. It includes many of Daredevils awesome fights, statements from the Kingpin and Daredevils friends.

Near the end of the trailer viewers get a small teaser from footage of season 2. Here are a few image stills from the trailer.

This season seems to carry on with Murdocks sense of guilt that he is unable to overcome, this was a running theme in season 1. It seems this theme will return, it is very possible that Murdock will have to face the fact that his avenger may have inspired such violent avengers like the Punisher. Below is the first show we have seen of the Punisher in action, with him uttering just one word "Beg"

The Punisher
The Punisher

There is also a shot of gun shells in a hospital which seems to indicate some sort of attack by the Punisher who may be targeting Night Nurse in order to get to Daredevil. who he would feel the need to punish for being outside the law.

A awesome forshadowing of the menace of the Punisher, it seems likely that the below X-ray is a calling card that Punisher leaves at scenes of vengeance.

So far not a lot has been announced for this season, below in a image of Elektra who is slated to appear in the season, along with Daredevil mentor Stick. Hopefully this will lead to some more exploration into the mystical side that was barely hinted at in season 1.

All in all this is shaping up to be a great season!


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