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With a year left until Suicide Squad hits cinemas, a lot of people are still asking questions like. What is the Suicide Squad? Who is in the Suicide Squad? Or who is that in the Suicide Squad? What are his/her abilities? Hopefully your questions will be answered in this. I will be going from left to right from the picture above.

What Is The Suicide Squad?

The Suicide Squad is a group of people with a particular set of skills (usually bad guys) put together by Amanda Waller. They have appeared in many movies and shows such as Arrow and Batman. In the animated universe, she puts a bomb in each member of the squads neck to control them. If they do the wrong thing or disobeys orders.. She has the power to blows their brains out.

El Diablo:

El Diablo A.K.A Chato Santana is the third and current El Diablo, after Lazarus Lane and Rafael Sandoval. He was an ex-criminal and has the ability to control fire. And that's pretty much all there is about him. How COOOOL!!!

Killer Croc:

Killer Croc A.K.A Waylon Jones was originally born with a skin condition that makes his skin scaly and his teeth and nails razor sharp. Waylons first kill was his aunt after she always abused him and called him "Lizard Boy" and "a reptilian freak". Over the years he has escalated from just looking like a normal sized man to turning into a huge crocodile. He also has super human strength and regenerative healing.


Deadshot A.K.A Floyd Lawton is an ex-military serviceman with expert accuracy when shooting. He also has access to high-tech weaponry. He also has a great knowledge of all types of guns. Deadshot is one of the main members of the Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn.

Ahh Harleen Quinzel you are my favorite! Harley Quinn was in a relationship with The Joker for quite some time and that's why she is as loonie as he is. Quinn was the psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum, so she knows the ins and outs if they break into Arkham. I personally hope Margot Robbie does a really good job as Harley! I LOVE HARLEY!!!!!!

you get two Photos because i believe in you
you get two Photos because i believe in you

Rick Flagg.

Rick Flagg is an elite solder and the leader of the Suicide Squad. He has been trained in military force and special force. He also has skills in armed and unarmed combat. Rick and Floyd always argue over who should be in charge.


Enchantress A.K.A June Moone is a very powerful witch with many abilities. She also possess the ability to manipulate magical energy for any number of effects, from healing to teleportation, and can directly affect any non-living objects with her magic. She can also walk through walls!

Katana (In front of Enchantress and Rick)

Katana A.K.A Tatsu Yamashiro is a fully trained samurai warrior. She also has an enchanted soul taking katana (sword) that can take the souls of the victims whom she stabs. She also has the ability to communicate with the souls on the sword, including the soul of her deceased husband.

Captain Boomerang.

You know what they say about the crazy ones.
You know what they say about the crazy ones.

Captain Boomerang A.K.A George Harkness is an Australian professional boomerang thrower. Yep that's right, I said both Australian AND a boomerang thrower who would've thunk that?!... Harkness has many different types of high tech boomerangs such as explosive, electric and razor ones. He is also a very good tracker and good with hand to hand combat.

Slipknot: (Pun Intended)

Slipknot A.K.A Christopher Weiss is a professional rope maker. He makes all sorts including unbreakable ones. He also knows hundreds of different types of knots. Christopher only has one arm that works properly in the comics. He is also a trained assassin.


Recommendation: Batman Assault On Arkham


If you still want to know about the Suicide Squad, I recommend watching Batman: Assault on Arkham. Assault on Arkham is a really good movie and it's easy to understand the basics on the Suicide Squad. This is one of my favourite DC Animated movies.



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