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It looks as though Anne Hathaway took notes from her Devil Wears Prada boss, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), as the girl certainly seems to have learned a thing or two about kicking up a fuss. If the rumors are true, Hathaway embodied the devil(ed) herself, sending her breakfast back FOUR times because it failed to meet her high expectations.

Grabbing her early morning meal while shooting a Japanese commercial on the Paramount lot last week, Hathaway placed a relatively simple order for a poached egg, avocado and English muffin. Whoever was in charge of the service that day, however, had some serious eggsplaining to do.

On the first try, the poached egg was far too runny. Second try, the muffin was too cold because it was left to sit while egg number two was poached. Third time was not a charm, as egg #2 went cold as the muffin was reheated. By the time the entire plate was heated to the correct temperature, Hathaway had changed her mind completely and opted for a fried egg instead.

If this account is true, most of it is fair enough, as everyone knows overly runny eggs are just plain gross. Plus, keeping various components warm while rectifying mistakes is pretty entry level, especially when serving breakfast to one of Hollywood's biggest stars. As for the Les Misérables actress changing her mind and opting for a different egg all together...who knows, perhaps she cracked?

Source: TMZ


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