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This can't be happening!

The trusty fan-site Watchers on the Wall has reported that the filming of Game of Thrones Season 6 has been delayed.

The cast and crew were scheduled to film scenes from Riverrun, the castle of House Tully, this week. They have been constructing the set over the past weeks, which seems to have upset some of the locals. There have been objections to one of the structures they are building, which is described as "very, very large." Now, instead of filming as planned, they have to wait for local representatives to investigate if they have broken any rules. Let's hope it doesn't delay the production too much, as HBO might have a full-scale riot on their hands if fans don't get their Game of Thrones fix on time!

The Riverrun-set. Notice the Lannister-red tents!
The Riverrun-set. Notice the Lannister-red tents!

So what's happening at Riverrun?

The last thing we saw from Riverrun on the show was Robb and Catelyn attending the funeral of Hoster Tully, Catelyn's father, before setting off to the Red Wedding. Considering the fact that they are actually building the castle for Season 6, we are probably going to see a lot more of Riverrun in the new season.

One character we are likely to see in Riverrun is Brynden "Blackfish" Tully, Catelyn's uncle. He was introduced to us in Season 3 -- you might remember him as the guy who had to take over the bow and arrow when Edmure Tully failed to alight his father's funeral boat. Check out the scene in the clip below.

Blackfish was also attending the Red Wedding, but he went outside to relieve himself right before the massacre happened. His body was never found among the dead and it is believed he managed to escape. Roose Bolton expressed his concern over this, as this would give Blackfish an opportunity to get back to Riverrun and hold it against the Iron Throne. Considering the tents in the above photos are Lannister-red, this seems plausible.

Is Riverrun under siege by the Lannisters? If so, which Lannister will we see there? With Tywin dead, Tyrion in Meereen, and Cersei awaiting trial, Jamie seems like the only one left to perform the task. But how well would that go with a missing hand?



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