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As the owner of some of the most iconic and awe inspiring IPs and franchises in pop culture history, over the last few years Disney has become a bonafide force of nature that's currently priming itself to ingest all of the world's pocket money this coming December 17th.

But with all of this power comes an even greater responsibility to deliver something back to the millions of fans around the world that covet the rich tapestry of characters the Mouse House has to offer. And recently, Disney has done exactly that, in the most amazing of ways.

They have teamed up with UK-based prosthetic limb maker Open Bionics to create affordable, child-friendly prosthetic arms based on some of their most popular IPs!

And they are so, so good:

Be The Heroes You Are

Part of the Disney and Techstar's Accelerator Demo Day, where they partner with, provide funding and mentor 10 promising start ups, Open Bionics were given the chance to hook up with LucasFilm's ILMxLAB and Walt Disney Animation Studio to invent Disney-inspired things that could have immeasurable impacts in the worlds of entertainment and technology.

Out of this incredible program came three 3D-printable prosthetic arms based on Tony Stark's Iron Man armor, Queen Elsa's gloves from Frozen and a Star Wars arm based on the idiosyncratic designs of lightsabers, that are assured to turn any little amputee into a bonafide superhero.

In conversation with UK tabloid The Independent, Open Bionics' Joel Gibbard was overjoyed when discussing the reception to their life changing inventions:

"Kids absolutely love them. They pick it up straight away. To them, the most exciting thing is the lights and the look of it, but once they start using it they start challenging themselves to pick up small objects and start stacking things."

Good Guy Disney

Where usually prosthetics can command prices of over $20,000, Open Bionics's skill at creating affordable but perfectly functional 3D printed prosthetics and Disney granting royalty-free licensing, the prosthetics will cost around $3,000 and be available for purchase come the end of 2016.

Check out Open Bionics's prosthetic arms in action:

In an honestly stunning move by the Mouse House, these prosthetic arms will bring countless joy and confidence to so many young amputees as they become the toast of the town with their badass new appendages.

I salute you, Disney and Open Bionics. Way to make the world just that little bit more better!


Which arm is your favorite?

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