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Believe it or not, there was a time in distant memories past when Hugh Jackman was not the ripped demigod we've come to know, love, and stridently envy.

As this week marks the 47th birthday of the X-Men star, we've decided to make ourselves (and you) feel utterly inferior in comparison by taking a close look at his insane transformation from a pre-to-post Wolverine bod.

The Australian actor was first cast to play the clawed mutant back in 1999, flinging the fledging to fame instantly and presenting him a character with whom he would later become synonymous.

Back in 1985 when the below shot was taken and Jackman (far right) was but a 16-year-old wolvercub, he was apparently known as "Sticks" by his friends, thanks to his slight physique. Not a name you'd want to try on him now, 31 years and several million bench-presses later.

Hugh Jackman, Far Right
Hugh Jackman, Far Right

Wolverine is a 100-year-old, multi-lingual samurai with claws and teeth made out of adamantium. Plus, he is one unbeatable badass. And Jackman proves he's a perfect fit by following in his characters footsteps and only improving with age. So much so, his previous physical trainer Mike Ryan refers to him as his "masterpiece."

I call him my masterpiece, he just keeps getting better and better over the years. We’ve got a bet to see if we can both get to 50 and still have a six-pack.

I hope for Mike Ryan's sake that he voted for the six pack as Hugh has but a mere 3 years to go and well, just look at him.

In 2000...


Like, whuuut. How is that even possible? And, more importantly, how do we do it, too?

Well, if it's a quick fix you're after, take heed. Apparently ahead of whipping his shirt off for scenes that required him to flaunt the flesh, he would undertake some vile sounding routine involving 4am workout sessions and something called a dehydration diet. A dehydration diet is essentially what it sounds like, first you drown your body by consuming around four gallons (15l) of water per day for a week. Then, you don't drink any liquid, at all, for 24 hours.

According to Hugh, the tactic works pretty well.

You can lose up to 10 pounds of water weight, particularly the water that sits under your skin. It really cuts you up.

Something that is much more up my alley, however, is his eating routine, munching his way through six meals each day. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson advised him to consume around 6,000 calories worth of fish, veg and lean meat per day in order to amass the protein needed for rapid muscle growth.

When it comes to the exercise part, it's pretty much as you would expect. Early starts, consistent weight routines and interval training and requires nothing but the utmost dedication. His current trainer, former MMA fighter David Kingsbury who has been working with Jackman since 2012, explained to Body Builders that the work out comprises moves such as Barbell Bench Presses, Back Squats, Weighted Pull-Ups, Deadlifts and generally looks a little something like this:

Assuming you're not all iron-pumping fanatics (yet), you can decipher the codes of gym jargon here.

Thankfully, Hugh still has a few mere mortal tendencies, and giving himself a birthday "cheat" meal, is one of them!

We love you Hugh, you magical creature, you.

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