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The back-catalogue of actors speaking out about their roles in Harry Potter is long and extensive. And no matter how many years might have passed since the last movie hit the theaters, we still want to hear about their experiences behind-the-scenes. In particular, what they actually thought about their own characters and about those they worked with.

Thankfully, Imgur unearthed some absolute gems which will definitely fuel your wizarding addiction. For now, at least!

Take a peek:

1. Imelda Staunton -- Dolores Umbridge

"In the book, of course, she's described as very ugly and toad-like. And a lot of people say, 'Oh! You'd be great for that part!'
Thanks... Very much."

2. Daniel Radcliffe -- Harry Potter

"I think I'm a tiny bit like Harry, because I'd like to have an owl."

Tiny Daniel, you are TOO cute!

3. Helena Bonham Carter -- Bellatrix Lestrange

I have no idea why they didn't ask her, to be honest.

4. Jason Isaacs -- Lucius Malfoy

"I prefer to think of Lucius Malfoy as misunderstood. Sure, he's an evil, scheming, sadistic killer, but you have to admit that he's a loyal employee. And of course he has this really bitchin' hairdo."

5. Rupert Grint -- Ron Weasley

Interviewer: How in love with Hermione are you?
Rupert: Ron is very, very in love with Hermione.
Interviewer: And Rupert?
Rupert: No... Emma's... We're kind of sisters!

And she clearly feels the same! Sisters unite!

6. Alan Rickman -- Severus Snape

On working with Daniel Radcliffe on the Harry Potter series:

"He plays some very loud -- I don't even know what it is. I think it's called music."

Oh yes, there's that Snape sass!


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