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So who else watched the Season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead? If not, you might want to consider turning back as a few spoilers lie ahead...

The episode took off with a dire speed traditional of only The Walking Dead. In one bustling premiere episode we had dissidence against the reign of Rick, brawls, murder of course, and walkers - in fact, more walkers than we've ever seen in a single episode! All in a Monday's work for The Walking Dead.

I won't run you through every detail, but the episode was truly spectacular as we see further evolution of character, especially in Rick, who seems to more than ever be the loose cannon of the group.

Director Greg Nicotero has now offered access to storyboards for the Season 6 premiere episode which really show the thoughts behind crucial moments, as well as offering a look behind-the-scenes of The Walking Dead. Have a look and let us know what you think!

1. Rick and Morgan discovering the quarry walkers

2. Morgan killing a walker

3. POV shot of Rick killing a walker

4. Ron running toward the quarry edge

5. Rick POV shot

6. Rick and Morgan reacting

7. Rick's POV close-up shot of Ron

8. Ron's POV of walkers

9. Ron running toward the cliff's edge

10. Technocrane high angle - Cliff

11. Lower angled shot of walkers

12. Med shot of Rick and Ron

13. Low angle shot of Morgan

14. Shot of Morgan Rick and Ron

15. Extreme long shot with walkers in frame



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