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Karly Rayner

Plenty of people use cosplay to embrace their sexy side, while feeling the magical confidence boost that a disguise can bring, but some brave pioneers come at it from a little more of a left-field angle.

Below are some weird cosplay creations that give unexpected characters a sexy makeover, but which one catches your eye?

1. Chun-Li's Lightening Legs

Image: Ladybeard

Personally, I think Ladybeard has the kind of thighs you'd need to execute Chun-Li's punishing moves!

2. Mario's Peach

Image: Imgur

I can almost see Mario's Yoshi and I'm not sure how I feel about that

3. Finn the Hot-man

Image: StfuEverything

I don't know what an Adventure Time with this dude will entail, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be suitable for kids.

4. Tyrion Terror

Image: Pintrest

There's something different about you, Tyrion...

5. Cold Cather Sakura

Image: Stfueverything

I think this guy should be more involved in collecting clothes than cards, but what do I know!

6. Sonic the Sexhog

Image: Manzi DeYoung

I had a weird childhood crush on Sonic, so I'm kind of down with this .

7. Wang Machine

Image: Philip Bonneau

War Machine has his priorities right when it comes to being well oiled.

8. Chewie's Angels

Image: Phoenix New Times

Chewie has needs too.

9. Mega Misty

Image: Zeek

Why even bother battling with Pokémon when you're this buff?

10. Raunch Skull

Image: Constantine Cosplay

I know everyone has their kinks, but sexy Nazi Red Skull is a bit beyond the pale for my vanilla tastes.

11. Alluring Ursula

Image: Philip Bonneau

The creative use of bubblewrap in this stellar display of sea witch realness is stunning.

12. Venom Does Vixen

Image: Jmascia

When scary and sexy collide.

13. Groot Gone Wild

Image: NorthBelleRogue

Just when you thought Groot wasn't capable of giving you wood...


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