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More drama. More chill. The Knick S2 premieres Sat, Oct 17 at 9pm on HBO Defined. Book the date!

HBO Defined has always thrilled its audience with the best industry shows and gripping entertainment. Keeping up with the tradition of quality cinema, the channel is back with its most popular original series on tv, The Knick, a telling tale of what happens in Knickerbocker hospital, when medicine and medical practices both were evolving amid the intense socio-political changes. The much awaited Season 2 of the television series airs 100% ad-free this October 17, 9:00 PM only on HBO Defined.

The Knick is an American television series on Cinemax created by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler, directed by Steven Soderbergh. Clive Owen, the main lead, plays the anti-hero as Dr. John W. Thackery, the star surgeon of The Knickerbocker hospital, who is intoxicated by his success and drug addiction. Supporting Owen is Andre Holland as Dr. Algernon Edwards, the new ‘Afro-American’ assistant chief surgeon. He manages an after-hours clinic in the basement for those turned away from the hospital. He is a victim of racism at the Knickerbocker. Jeremy Bobb plays the role of Herman Barrow, the manager of the Knick. He has mismanaged the hospital funds and is now in debt to a ruthless mobster. Juliet Rylance will be seen as Cornelia Robertson, she is the head of the Knick’s social welfare office. She serves as his representative on the board of directors. Many more interesting characters contribute to the storyline of this intriguing medical drama.

The story resumes from where Season One concluded. This time, the Knickerbocker hospital opens up in the year 1901. The Knick captures the 20th century medical and social scenario and transforms it into a modern storytelling. The new season will also ponder over the absurd processes of the great minds, which eventually reduce to mere bodies; socially, politically and professionally. The series has some powerful performances coming from the Oscar-nominated actor. Thackery will be shown portraying the dilemma of medicinal study over the ethical treatment of humans as the object of experimentation. Also, the struggle of a genius against his own addictions.

The Knick has been appreciated for the blunt-and-cold yet real form of storytelling. The surgery scenes and treatment of gruesome aspects have been done brilliantly. Clive Owen has nailed his character and entices the audience with his looks and performance. The supporting cast has an equal share in the success of the show. The series has raised questions of ethics in medical practices, the endurance of finance in quality medical care and so on.

The Knick Season 1 made a special place in the heart of critics and the audience. Season 2 is all set to deliver and amplify the same. Do not miss watching The Knick Season 2 this Saturday, October 17, 9:00 PM only on HBO Defined. 100% ad-free.


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