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New York, New York loves doing everything big and grand! Have you seen Times Square? There are countless lights on the numerous tall skyscrapers that appear to climb all the way into the clouds.

Therefore, you know the cosplay standard can only match the grandeur of New York, and as seen in the following pictures, the cosplayers at the New York Comic-Con did not disappoint at all with their intricate and detailed outfits. Some even were so professional, they looked like they had walked off the set of these films.

1. Sal and Jackie

This reverse Jack and Sally #cosplay was fantastic!

A photo posted by Jake Johnston (@jakethy) on

Photographer: Jake Johnston

I love everything about this, and I think the switch is absolutely adorable.

2. Catwoman

Cosplayer: Mandy Carüso

Photographer: Geeks Are Sexy

She must be feline and good as she looks.

3. Jareth

Cosplayer: EbonyAmber

Photographer: Pixir

The Goblin King has risen from his throne.

4. Invisible Girl and The Thing

Photographer: Edward Liu

Thank god Sue Storm isn't in the mood for invisibility quite yet, as she looks awesome in her blue suit. As for the Thing, he looks like he's ready for some "clobberin' time."

5. Hulkbuster

Cosplayer: Extreme Costumes

Photographer: Knightmare6

Imagine walking around New York City and stumbling across this life-sized machine. My mind would just be fully blown.

6. Eazy-E Loves his N64

Photographer: djbenhameen

He's ready to rap and he's ready to game.

7. Xerxes

Photographer: istolethetv

This is New York Comic-Con!

8. Jim Henson

"There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met"--#JimHenson #NYCC2015 #cosplay #Kermit #MuppetsTakeManhattan

A photo posted by Tricia Narwani (@tnarwani) on

Photographer: Tricia Narwani

Anyone know where ex-girlfiend Miss Piggy is?

9. Han Solo with Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon

Photographer: Docking Bay 93

Han is flying anything but solo when he's got his buddy Chewy next to him.

10. Aquaman and the Storm, the Seashorse

Photographer: istolethetv

Based off their smiles, I bet Aquaman and Storm are telepathically telling each other how awesome New York Comic-Con is.

11. Marty McJoker

Cosplayer: imsomcfly

Photographer: Edward Lui

Why so serious, Doc?

12. Winnie the Dead-Pooh

Photographer: imgur

Get him some honey, stat, or he will fight you.

13. Wonder Man

Cosplayer: TripleYourStyle

Photographer: Edward Liu

His costume doesn't leave much to be wondered about, doesn't it?

14. Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Bell

Photographer: David Ngo

I hope they invite me to be their guest!

These insanely talented cosplayers are making me want to truly step up my Halloween game, as they look so incredibly professionally.

Now just whom should I be?!

[Source: Dorkly]


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