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Jason Biggs recently let a little too much hang out in an Instagram post uploaded by his wife, Jenny Mollen, but the pair must have soon realized their mistake as the ball bearing snap has since been whipped off the face of the internet.

Unluckily for them, there were plenty of eagle-eyed followers eagerly print screening the ballsy image, but most of them have been kind enough to censor the image before throwing it back on the web.

The censored snap
The censored snap

While I can't help but feel a bit sorry for the embarrassing situation that Biggs ended up in, it is hard not to snigger when staged celebrity snaps like this one celebrating their 'quirky' lives backfire...

Although the snap was clearly meant to be a joke, with its cheeky caption from Moore reading "Is this a cute sweater?", the laughs have clearly ended up being on them...Maybe it's karmic retribution for Biggs pointing the internet's attention toward Justin Bieber's leaked nudes the other day?

Oh well, at least it's not as embarrassing as this:

(Source: TMZ)


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