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Just in time for Halloween, Zach Prewire of Plot Point Productions took inspiration from Jacob T.Swinney's 'First and Final Frames' and decided to create his own horror genre edition.

The two shots from these 28 movies are used to show the similarities and differences in the bookended scenes.

From Halloween to Unfriended, seeing the stylistic choices of each of the directors is really interesting. Some choose to end on almost the same shot, while others are happy taking it in a totally different direction.

As this is showing the first and last shots of these movies, be advised that they may include some serious spoilers.

To see more of Plot Point Productions work, visit their Vimeo page. And to see parts 1 and 2 of Jacob T. Swinney's 'First and Last' video series, visit his profile.

(Source: Vimeo)


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