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The Saturday Night Live cast member, 30 Rock star, and stand-up comedian, Tracy Morgan, has returned to the stage for the first time since the fatal accident last year. The accident took the life of his best friend, and fellow comedian, James 'Jimmy Mack' McNair, and put Morgan in a coma. For the last 16 months Morgan had been living rather privately as he recovered from his injuries.

But since his speech at the Emmys last month, it appears that Morgan's rough road to recovery was well worth it. Standing in front of a live audience and doing stand-up last night proved that, despite the goofy character he often plays, his ability to overcome such tragedy is certainly an inspiration.

At New York's Comedy Cellar, Morgan had the crowd cracking up with a brief but (by all accounts) awesome set.

Morgan then met up with his 30 Rock costar Judah Friedlander, rocking his signature glasses and trucker hat, or course, who offered his support for Morgan on social media.

But when Tracy Morgan makes a comeback, he comes back swinging. He then ventured off to The Stand NYC to take on the stage again, and nailed it, naturally.

Perhaps he's sharpening his skills for his upcoming role as SNL host this weekend? In any case, I'm ecstatic to see him back in his natural element. After being through so much, there's no denying that this goofball is a lesson in triumph.

(Source: Twitter, MTV)


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