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Attention attendees of this year's New York Comic-Con! There have been reports of a rogue battle-suit going by the designation "Hulkbuster" stalking the surrounding area of the convention, and onlookers have been quoted as saying that it's one of the f**king coolest looking things they've seen in a long time!

Well, I can't actually corroborate that last bit, but I can imagine giddy onlookers have been pretty damn impressed with this 10-foot tall Iron Man replica costume, built by the legend that is Thomas DePetrillo and his costuming company Extreme Costumes, which is a pretty apt name if you ask me.

The costume took DePetrillo over 1,600 hours to build, it is 7 foot wide, 44 inches thick, weighs 95lbs and takes roughly 20 mins to put on. It has an arc reactor, makes mechanical sounds as it moves, has light up eyes, and even shoots friggin' lasers out of its robo-peepers! Phew!

Discussing the costume, DePetrillo described it as:

"...The single largest, most domineering thing I've ever done in my life."

The Hulkbuster is at NYCC, who else is there !

Posted by Extreme Costumes on Thursday, 8 October 2015

Check out this behind the scenes video of the Hulkbuster in action at NYCC:

Considering Age of Ultron's Hulkbuster was 11-feet tall, Extreme Costumes' version was built almost to scale and that is pretty awesome! This thing is a bonafide feat, man, and judging by the reception DePetrillo's Hulkbuster has gotten online, I reckon I'm definitely not alone in believing so:

This guy just won #NYCC #Cosplay forever.

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If you like what you've seen, get over to Extreme Costumes' Facebook page and YouTube channel and have a look at their other incredible creations. Plus, you know, say "hi" and stuff.

Did you attend NYCC? If so...

(Source Extreme Costumes)


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