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As a fan of the series, I recently replayed the games in the form of the Kingdom Hearts HD remixes on PS3. Every day I'd come home and the first thing I'd do was turn on the TV and load up the game's main menu. The volume was turned up to 11, and I'd get ready for the evening to the serene sounds of Yoko Shimomura's Dearly Beloved. It may sound sappy, but there's a reason why this music sounds so nostalgic!

There have been many title versions of Dearly Beloved over the years, and you can enjoy all of them in the video below. But naturally we all wonder how Kingdom Hearts 3 will sound once we boot it up on its release date for the XBOX One and PS4.

The Version Of Dearly Beloved That Kingdom Hearts 3 Needs On Release Date!

So after hearing these version, where could Square Enix take it? The menus of these games set the tone for the experience ahead of you. We're reminded of our childhood, of Disney, and the adventures we've all cherished. This is exactly what Kingdom Hearts 3 will have to infuse its top menu with. It's also a welcome back to a series that so many of us adore and have missed for years. Therefore, I think that YouTuber SamYungOfficial has really tapped into what makes Dearly Beloved such a special composition. Don't believe me? Check it out!

Beautiful stuff! Sam Yung has matched the epic nature of Kingdom Hearts 3 while also nurturing the series' more subtle and emotional moments. The mixture of overly sentimental orchestral sections and more subtle piano segments are well blended. It's a really respectful and knowledgable take on this classic piece and we'd love to hear if you liked it as much as we did!

Is music a vital part of Kingdom Hearts for you? Do you feel that it sets the tone of this adored JRPG franchise? Personally, it's the one aspect of the games that I think about outside of playing them. I'm never preoccupied by the combat or worlds, for some reason the music is almost always what I take away from playing the Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hearts 3 will need to maintain this level of quality!

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

But what do you guys think? Let us know where you stand on this piece of music and the work of Yoko Shimomura in general!


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