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Although the successful and gory Saw franchise ended 5 years ago, fans of the movies have had a chance of hope due to speculations that have surfaced. In the annual ScareFest Horror & Paranormal Convention in Lexington, Kentucky, Cary Elwes talked to Dread Central about his role as Doctor Gordon, and when they asked him about if he would revisit his role once again, he said:

“Oh, absolutely, but only if Saw took on another form. Like, say… a TV series”

Obviously this might very well be Elwes having a little fun, but it does bring up the question of what would it be like if it actually happened. Saw has been a hit in the big-screen, but would it work on the small one?

Personally, I think that it could, and these are the reasons why:

New and Deeper Story

As I said before, Saw has been one of the most successful horror movie franchises, with seven different movies. Today, when someone sees the face of the iconic murderer, they instantly know who it is. However, this can also call for a new fresh set of characters and story. With a TV series, the creators would have more time to get into a new, fresh backstory and in that give us more details about the murderer's past. Much like what Scream did, they gave the killer a whole new purpose and backstory, one with more sense. Although the motives of Jigsaw were rightly justified (Unlike in Scream), it was explained in a rather weird timeline, and it all got mixed up and confusing to the viewers. By expanding to a TV show, they can begin by offering context or do so with flashbacks throughout the season (much like Arrow), which will keep the viewers intrigued and following both sides of the story.

More Character Development

One of the most important things (if not the most) about Saw is the actual killing of the victims that Jigsaw chooses. However, for a lot of the times, we don't really care about these victims, which is mostly due to our lack of interest on the actual characters. In the series, we could be able to see more interactions with the different characters and what happens to them. Therefore, when they are killed, or about to get killed, we can feel a connection with the characters and therefore feel emotional about it.

Two Sides of The Story

I think that if there was a Saw TV series, they would have a lot of time to correctly develop a story. Therefore, we could see two sides of the story. One of the sides would be Jigsaw (Or whatever they would call him) and what is happening with the victims that are being put in the tests. The other side could be the police investigation, and how the police is tracking down killer. That would offer a new facet in comparison to the movies, and it would bring in a whole new audience to the TV series. With this, we would be able to have a perspective from both sides and see what is happening and how the police are able to find out who is after and how to track him.

Overall, although it is most probably just a fan theory, it could be possible to have a Saw TV series, although how gruesome it be. The only problem it would bring is the target market. Although horror is a well-known and celebrated movie genre, the hands-on, vulgar and grisly type of movie this is would be a problem and it might not be the most successful, economically speaking. However, the fact that it would not need a huge budget might make it a possibility.

Of course this is just a fan theory, and please don't take this as an indication that a Saw TV series is in the works. I have no information regarding that, I'm just a bored guy with a big imagination who enjoys some good old-school horror.

Thanks for reading guys. Tell me what you think about this, and would you like to see a Saw TV series happen? Tell me in the comments!


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