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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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What do you think would happen if Metal Gear Solid 3's protagonist Naked Snake accidentally shot himself with his own tranquillizer dart in the heat of a thrilling base infiltration, and still ploughed head first into battle?

Hilarity would obviously ensue, as captured so eagerly by the guys over at FuryFingers who have, yet again, managed to create another hilariously brilliant homage to the MGS franchise with the fan film - Sleeping With The Enemy.

Citing Jackie Chan's inimitably comedic fighting style, a whole host of action and spy movies, and even Weekend At Bernie's as inspiration for this barrel of crazy fun, Sleeping With The Enemy was conceived by the boys after a visit to Konami's headquarters in L.A.

If you were privy to Boxhound, FuryFingers' last foray into MGS parody territory, which had Snake outwitting some well dangerous looking types with a shit ton of cardboard boxes, they've easily gone and out done themselves with this veritable rumble in the jungle.

Watch Big Boss take down a seemingly never ending supply of goons with some pretty damn inventive stealth techniques, keep an eye out for Revolver Ocelot's on point gun tricks, and a welcomed appearance from an old paper based friend!

Here's Sleeping With The Enemy:

That was awesome, right? If you like what you saw, even if you didn't, make sure to get over to the FuryFingers YouTube channel and check out the sprawling library of brilliant fan content. You won't be disappointed!

(Source: FuryFingers/YouTube)


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