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If simply donning a Freddy Kruger mask and carving some pumpkins won't give you the spine-tingling chills you're seeking this upcoming halloween, why not check out one of these 10 horror movie locations to get your fear fantasies a-flowing?

1. The Shining - Timberline Lodge, Oregon

Let's kick off with the quintessential movie location for all die-hard horror fans. Timberline Lodge provided viewers of The Shining with their first glimpse of The Overlook Hotel, the isolated, snow covered building in which Jack promptly lost his shit.

2. The Blair Witch Project - Seneca Creek State Park, Maryland

If you fancy spending this halloween in the country, why not go camping for the weekend in the 6,300 acre Seneca Creek State Park? Here you can pass the days going for walks, listening to bird song and wondering who the f*ck is leaving piles of rocks outside your tent.

3. Carrie - Palisades Charter School, California

Perhaps all the more terrifying because it's so bland looking, this school was one of the three locations used in the infamous Stephen King adaptation, Carrie. What's creepier than visiting the location in which she was showered with pigs' blood, however, is that this high school actually played host to a real life murder.

4. The Birds - Bodega, California

Combine terror with exercise this year by heading down to Bodega Lane and visit the school which featured in the infamous Hitchcock movie, The Birds. Here you can take in the beautiful views and then pretend a massive flock of blood-thirsty winged beasts are chasing you down the quaint country lane, a la this classic scene:

5. Rosemary’s Baby - The Dakota, New York City

Although this location was just used for exterior shots, one hopes that the residents of The Dakota are less terrifying than those who inhabited the spooky Bamford in Rosemary's Baby. Why not find out for yourself?

This is also the spot where John Lennon was shot.

6. The Exorcist - Washington, DC

You may feel inspired to recreate the death scene in The Exorcist by chucking yourself down these steep steps, but sorry, you can't. The residents of Georgetown now use them as their personal stair-master.

7. Night of the Living Dead - Evans City Cemetery, Pennsylvania

Although some of this cemetery was damaged back in 1985, devout horror buffs should be able to recognize this infamous site in which ghouls shuffled back from the dead.

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street - John Marshall High School, California

Keep your eyes peeled for the midnight mangler if you decide to visit John Marshall this halloween. This high school was once attended by the unfortunate students who fell victim to Freddy's torturous regime in Wes Craven's classic slasher A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Fun Fact: Leonardo DiCaprio studied here!

9. Friday the 13th - Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, New Jersey

Otherwise known as Camp Crystal, this New Jersey retreat is one idillic spot with a terrifying legacy. Most of the filming locations here are still standing, but you may have to adopt a Boy Scout persona to enter as it's now private property. They do sometimes offer official tours though, so maybe you'll get lucky.

10. The Omen - Bishops Park, London

UK readers, fear not! Remember the scene in The Omen where the priest gets impaled in a graveyard by a lightning conductor? Well, it happened at this quaint British location on the banks of the river Thames.

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