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Batman first graced the screens in 1966 after having existed as a comic book character since 1939, and his image has changed many times over the years. However, these days it's difficult to envision the Gotham Vigilante changing too drastically from that which we're used to.

There have been some fairly interesting redesigns of the classic character, and there are huge differences between say... Adam West and Christian Bale's portrayal. But in general, these days if we think of Batman most of us will imagine a figure clad in impressive black armor and shrouded in darkness.

However, ArtistAbe has attempted to subvert these expectations with his redesigning of classic Batman characters. Have a look below and let us know what you think!

1. Batman, Alternate Colors

Batman with hand-wraps and significantly less black, looking ready to join fight club.

2. Halloween Harley Quinn

Harley trick or treating, looking no less frightening than usual.

3. Harley Quinn, Alternate Colors

A redesign of Harley in pink; a definite contrast to her character.

4. Joker, Alternate Colors

The Joker with pink hair and a green suit - it just works. Hipster Joker really doesn't look any less insane...

5. Haunted Arkham Catwoman

Based strongly on the Julie Newmar Catwoman from the 1960s Batman series; instantly recognizable as DC's answer to a Crazy Cat Lady.



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