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Over the last nine months, the Australian lip-syncing trio SketchShe have racked up millions of YouTube views thanks to their hilariously choreographed, sassy song covers to classic tracks such as 'Baby Got Back' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'

All shot from the inside of their car, the girls are back behind the wheel once again to bring us another musical adventure to the dulcet tones of Taylor Swift. This time, however, there's a rather gruesome twist.

It all starts off fine. We're in the car and the girls take position as Swift's 'Bad Blood' starts to play. There's a decent amount of hip thrusting, head shaking and pointing towards the camera...

Plus a good dosage of boob hugging, middle fingering and general Taylor-esque attitude.

That is, until the "HEY" kicks in and we see all three girls smash violently against the car windows.

Buckle up and brace yourselves, full video below:

The general message here is: Don't Lip-Sync and Drive. SketchShe have teamed up with all female comedy group Skit Box, not for a lip-sync-off as you may expect, but to promote the important message not to try their stunts at home. I think it certainly gets the message across, how about you?

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