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There's not much to say.

Minecraft the sandbox game which 12,000,000 people play minecraft on the pc, 9,000,000 people play it on the xbox, and 6,000,000 people play it on the iPad, iPod, or android, and 20,000 people buy the game daily, and 3,200,000 people log on and play it each day on all of the versions, and 5 people buy the game in a second.What does it have to do with The Walking Dead.Read Below

1. The Monsters/Zombies

There wouldn't be no Minecraft or The Walking Dead without zombies.

Walkers/Zombies from The Walking Dead are dead and can infect and dies when its brain is smashed.They are hungry for anything living and they infect others with a scratch or bite.

Sup Walkers ..
Sup Walkers ..

The zombies/Hostile Mob in minecraft pretty much does the same except it kills the player and well player respawns,but it can infect the citizens in the minecraft block world ,the NCP villagers . These hostile mobs can turn or kill the Villagers.
and they burn in sun, (Wish they did in The Walking Dead)

2. The Dead is not your Dangerous Enemy.

Is there anything else to fear than the Walkers who will make you scream till you spit blood ,well that is if they are using their teeth to slowly peel layers of your skin layer by layer making you wish you had died?.THERE IS

The survivors are trying to find shelter food and their basic needs. They farm they sow and do whatever they can to protect their base. They take in only the people they trust, people who betray them are no longer welcomed. Got an Idea of which of the one am I talking about? EXACTLY!

>The survivors has found safe haven in an overrun prison,which they cleared out and is now living happily , some can be seen farming, and others building up defense,smiles everywhere,kids can be seen playing with pigs.Then came the governor,He uses his group/faction to force Rick and his crew out.


>Factions is a popular branch of the Minecraft world where players,in order to survive must build their bases and protect it at all cost.The players must farm their own food and must breed cattle in order to survive.and not just from the DEAD,Players of different factions try their best to infiltrate or destroy enemy factions and loot their resources,Yup that's what the governor did and others in the following episodes will do.

3. Loot all you see, salvage what's left

When you live in world overrun buy Zombies/Monsters you have to make the best of it.
The crew from TWD loots stores,Fuel,food,weapon and other basic items.
The Players loot chests in abandoned bases or steals the crops grown by an other player.They salvage weapons to re-purpose the material.



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