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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 is well on its way, delivering the perfect balance of grounded comedy that we've come to expect from the show. The season started with a good pace, answering some questions left hanging at the end of season 2, and not resolving the situation of Holt leaving the precinct quickly. Though it's sad to see the Nine-Nine without its rightful captain at the helm, his absence creates interesting tension and allows for plenty of humour from Dean Winters' insufferable Vulture. But the Vulture isn't the only problem the team will have to deal with in season 3...

The Pontiac Bandit Returns (Again)!

Jake Peralta already has one nemesis to deal with with Pembroke as the new captain, but writer Dan Goor has revealed that Jake's most tricky perp, the Pontiac Bandit, will be back in season 3!

Craig Robinson as the Pontiac Bandit
Craig Robinson as the Pontiac Bandit

First introduced in season 1, Doug Judy is the notorious Pontiac Bandit, a car thief Jake has been chasing for 8 years. He seems to be pretty good too, having stolen over 200 Pontiacs that the police know of. And when Jake finally meets the guy, he turns out to be just charming enough for Jake to befriend him. Of course, at first Jake doesn't realise Doug is the Pontiac Bandit, which just makes his betrayal all the more annoying and hilarious.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine does like to have sequel episodes, so in season 2 Doug Judy returned, this time offering to work with Rosa and Jake to help take down the leader of the Giggle Pig ring. Naturally, the only thing to do is get a swanky hotel room, complete with bathrobes and room service lobster, and enjoy their reunion!

"Why don't you just chill out and eat some sexy-ass lobster?"

And Jake does enjoy his time with Doug Judy, despite himself, while Rosa grumpily agrees to be nice to Judy as that's part of their deal. Again, this prompts some of the funniest lines in the episode, as Rosa being nice to someone is equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

Doug: "We doin’ it on the DL."
Rosa: [totally deadpan] "He’s an amazing lover. I’m pregnant."

Season 2's The Pontiac Bandit Returns is probably one of the best in the entire show, as we wait to find out just how Doug Judy will escape again, as of course he does. The entire affair is elaborate and well planned out, putting Jake and Rosa in great situations to bring out their characters' funniest reactions. And the Bandit himself is one of the show's best guest stars, never failing to deliver fabulous one-liners.

[yelling to Jake while escaping] “Anyway, tell Rosa she loves me!”

Though to be fair, nothing could really beat this moment in season 1...

Smooth. My favourite part has to be Rosa's slow motion eye roll.

With Doug Judy's fantastic history on the show, it's no wonder that creator Dan Goor wants to get him back for season 3!

Pontiac III: This Time It's Super Personal

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 is still being filmed, so only a few of the episode titles have been released. The writers do have an overarching plan for the season though, and they're hoping to bring back several guest stars to continue the plots they started in seasons 1 and 2. When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Goor pinpointed who he intends to get back for season 3.

"The people we’re really 100 percent hoping to get back are Craig Robinson [the Pontiac Bandit], and Boyle and [Gina] Linetti’s parents, Sandra Bernhard and Stephen Root. We take a page from Parks and Rec, who took a page from The Simpsons, which is that once somebody is in our world, we like for them to stay in our world, and we want to see them as much as possible. Any one of our characters can come back as long as they are still alive."

This is great for continuity: recurring guest stars are like in jokes, they create situations that only get funnier as the story is developed.

Doug waving tho
Doug waving tho

Nemeses are the best for this, as this adds an element of competition and unresolved story. Naturally, we'd love to see if Jake finally gets Doug Judy behind bars... But would we really want that to happen? Part of the awesomeness of Judy's character is that he always manages to elude capture, through his charm and intelligence.

Season 3 definitely needs to bring back Judy, and let Jake take another crack at arresting his nemesis/best frenemy. But this probably shouldn't happen until the Vulture is out of the picture: after all, they both hold the title of being Jake's nemesis, and too many enemies at once might crowd the story. Though it would be pretty funny to see Jake finally arrest Doug, only to have Pembroke take the credit...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 episode 4, The Oolong Slayer, airs on October 18th on Fox. Be sure to check back here for all your recap needs!

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