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Recently, the cancellation of the CBS show Extant was announced. It broke my heart and the heart of many other fans to hear that this ground breaking show was being cancelled after just 2 seasons. While many viewers felt the first season was lackluster, no one could deny how exciting and engaging the second season was. However, some people returned to season 2 too late for it to boost the ratings leading to the shows cancellation.

The cancellation of Extant is actually much sadder than the cancellation of other shows because Extant was not just "another" show. Here's why the cancellation of Extant is television tragedy:

5. An Amazingly Diverse Cast

Much like other genres, the science fiction genre often lacks diversity. Well, this show went above and beyond to ensure that multiple races were represented throughout the show. From the aliens to the government officials, a beautiful variety of skin colors and features could be seen in every episode. The best part? There was not a single stereotype to be found!

4. A Kick Ass Black Woman Saving The World

Come on, how often do we see that on television? Halle Berry's Molly was a powerful mother, wife and astronaut who does everything she can to to protect her family. Did I mention she's also responsible at the end of season 2 for saving the entire world from a robotic take over? Can't remember the last time I've seen a television show portray that. This alone should have given the show a season 3.

3. Well Rounded A.I. Characters

Extant took a lot of time to develop their A.I. characters. They were not simply characters that recite boring robot jargon. The robots have their own personalities, their own goals and well developed plot lines. They don't exist simply to be set pieces in the show or live in their owner's shadow, they're actual characters.

2. Realistic Portrayal of Human and Alien Relations

The show made a point to display that if humans and aliens ever made contact, there would be good and bad things happening on both sides. Most science fiction shows polarize aliens and humans into being either all evil and powerful or all good and helpless. Neither side would be completely evil or completely peaceful. Distrust would abound on both sides. The drama even showed what might happen if the two had to join forces against a greater evil.

1. It Wasn't Just Another Medical Drama or Cop Procedural

Even though television is slowly developing more and more original content, it's still clogged with too many medical dramas and cops show. Wouldn't it have been nice to have one less of these on the air?

It's been announced that CBS is working with Halle Berry to produce another show in the future, we can only hope it will be as great as this one!


Are you angry that Extant was cancelled?


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