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Around a year ago, director Kevin Smith released a weird little horror film called Tusk, which was basically about a guy being turned into a Walrus (you can read my review on it here). It was weird, creepy and disturbing and, in my opinion, it had one of the best trailers I've seen in a long time. The trailer can be seen below:

However, in an interview with, Kevin has outlined his only regret with Tusk...and, yes, it's to do with the trailer:

"I wish that we had put the [Walrus] suit in the trailer...The whole philosophy was if we show it, people might not go...We’re making two more rubber movies. There’s Yoga Hosers and there’s rubber monsters in that. And then Moose Jaws and there’s a big rubber monster in that. You can guarantee in the trailer, man, you’re gonna see every piece of the monster ’cause that’s the hook...We should have put the walrus in the trailer."

Really Kevin Smith?!
Really Kevin Smith?!

Whilst I definitely understand where he's coming from and his thinking behind this, I'm glad the Human-Walrus...thing wasn't in the trailer. It added a sense of mystery to the film and didn't give away the main focus of the film. Even though the film didn't do amazingly well on its limited U.S cinema release (overall grossing $1,427,014; its budget was $2,800,000), I think it would've earned even less if the Walrus had been featured as it would've shocked a lot of viewers and discouraged them from seeing it.

In the same interview, he also mentions that the film should've had TV spots to help promote it, which I agree with. The film was pretty much only promoted through social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, and was targeted towards his fanbase. While there's nothing wrong with that, it had a cinema release meaning it needed to be advertised in other places aside from social media. Examples of promotion could've been posters, TV spots or the trailer being shown on some channels that would've appealed to the target audience.

Not everyone has liked Tusk (I loved it!), but it can't be denied that it is unique and weird, which is refreshing in the mainstream horror industry. Tusk is the first part in The True North trilogy, a trio of films set in Canada: the second film, Yoga Hosers, is due out in 2016 with the last part, Moosejaws, coming out in 2017. I'm really looking forward to the next two films, and I hope there's more marketing done for them (as well as a UK cinema release!).


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