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When you picture onscreen Hollywood romances, most likely scenes of passionate kisses flash before your eyes. You see Kirsten Dunst, rolling that Spider-mask down in a rain splattered backstreet. You see Jack softly kissing Rose on the front end of a gigantic ship, or manically grabbing her in the back seat of parked car. Or perhaps you're old school and envision Rhett Butler bending Scarlett O'Hara's neck back so fiercely you worried it would snap... but in a good way. Whatever your movie magic moment may be, every one is shot so perfectly that you'd be forgiven for mistaking fiction for reality.

Well, spoilers now, you're about to be brutally awakened. Here are 12 movie smooches that may seem all rainbows, butterflies and vows of everlasting love onscreen, but once the camera stops rolling an entirely different, and sometimes pretty grim, truth is revealed. Sorry.

1. Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon - 'Water for Elephants'

Let's kick this list off with a gross one from the supposedly delicious Robert Pattinson. Although most teenage girls the world over would totally swoon at the prospect of smooching Edward Cullen, poor Reese Witherspoon had a pretty disgusting experience while shooting Water for Elephants.

The kiss may have seemed romantic, but talking to MTV News, he admitted that it was actually anything but.

“My nose is running all over the place, and it was in one of the additional photography scenes, and Reese had this wig on, and literally, I was wiping my nose on her wig.”

2. Jason Segel & Alyson Hannigan - 'How I Met Your Mother'

Alyson Hannigan may be a fan of many things, but smoker's breath certainly ain't one of them. On the set of How I Met Your Mother, she reportedly refused to kiss her onscreen boyfriend, Jason Segel, because he tasted and smelled so strongly of cigarettes.

A move which actually prompted Segel to quit smoking, so every cloud and all that.

3. Kristen Dunst & Tobey Maguire - 'Spider-Man'

Sorry guys, but according to Tobey Maguire, the utterly iconic, widely recreated, upside-down, super romantic Spider-Man kiss was, in reality, quite a stressful experience. One that could've potentially killed him.

Talking to Parade in 2007, Maguire relived the moment:

“I was hanging upside down, it was really late at night, it was raining, and the whole time I had rainwater running up my nose. Then, when Kirsten rolled back the wet mask, she cut off the air completely.”

4. Kate Hudson & Dane Cook - 'My Best Friend's Girl'

I can think of quite a few people who'd give a limb to get up close and personal with Kate Hudson. However, after reading Dane Cook's experience of kissing the blonde bombshell on the set of My Best Friend's Girl, they may change their minds.

Describing the moment as his worst onscreen snog ever, Cook said:

“I think she purposely ate a feast of onions right before the scene. I had to burn her on that one.”

5. Kristen Dunst & Brad Pitt - 'Interview with a Vampire'

Same as above with the whole limb loss, this one, but this time it's me. Or it was until Kirsten Dunst described the whole thing as “disgusting" and therefore rendered my dream and heart and, I guess, thousands of others', broken. I suppose she was 11 years old at the time though, so fair enough.

6. Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence - 'Silver Linings Playbook'

You don't really want to be told by FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World that your kissing skills leave a lot to be desired, do you? Unfortunately for Bradley Cooper though, that's pretty much what happened when the pair had to lock lips while shooting Silver Linings Playbook.

Immediately after the kissing scene was finished, Jennifer Lawrence turned to Cooper and told him his kisses were a little... wet. On the Graham Norton Show, Bradley told how the remark had dampened his spirits.

“You don’t want to hear that. It was not a compliment.”

However, Jennifer's The Hunger Games co-star, Josh Hutcherson, said that his smooches with her were "slobbery," so maybe ol' Bradders wasn't to blame after all. Hmmm...

7. Tom Cruise & Thandie Newton - 'Mission: Impossible II'

It takes a brave woman to publicly diss Tom Cruise, and it seems Thandie Newton was the ballsy Brit for the job. Another celeb to be somewhat washing-machined by her onscreen kissing partner, she described her experience with Cruise as pretty moist...

“Slightly icky and sort of wet. I’d really go home at the end of the day actually moaning about how hot it was and how many times we had to do it.”

8. Angelina Jolie & James McAvoy - 'Wanted'

With debatably the sexiest lips on earth, one would assume that locking jaws with the real life Lara Croft would equal reaching nirvana. Unfortunately that dream became a little too much for James McAvoy on the set of Wanted. Describing the occasion as awkward and unpleasant, one can only assume he was simply too nervous. Shame.

“I can tell you what it was like to kiss her on a film set: It was awkward, sweaty and not very nice. There was angst involved in that, as always. I don’t think Brad Pitt felt threatened for one moment.”

9. Kate Beckinsale & Colin Farrell - 'Total Recall'

Collin Farrell could not relax when it came to his onscreen kiss with co-star Kate Beckinsale in 2012's Total Recall. He described their kissing scene as totally "creepy," not enjoying the experience at all. However, that had more to do with the fact that Beckinsale's husband, Len Wiseman, was directing rather than her having a spooky smooch vibe.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio & Virginie Ledoyen - 'The Beach'

Although Leo has had a pretty impressive track record when it comes to past romantic squeezes, it would seem his onscreen kissability leaves a lot to be desired. His The Beach love interest, French beauty Virginie Ledoyen, claimed that their scenes lacked passion and were totally forgettable. Sob.

“There [was] no honest passion. No real sensitivity in our love scenes. In our underwater love scenes all I could think of was not drowning. I can’t even remember his kiss.”

11. Keira Knightley & Orlando Bloom - 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Everyone knows that Elizabeth Swan is a tough lady to impress, and it appears kissing is no exception. While shooting Pirates of the Caribbean, she had to snuggle up to both Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and I'm sure neither actor was overly ecstatic with her critique, referring to Depp as not "bad" and Bloom as “peculiar.”

What we really want to know is, peculiar how?

12. Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren - 'The Mosquito Coast'

He played the characters of Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but apparently it doesn't matter how many bad guys you beat, impressing the ladies comes down to one pretty important thing: smoochin' skills. Helen Mirren has said that he is a pretty terrible kisser, and apparently she ain't the only one. Seemingly there is a whole hoard of Hollywood actresses running around the same rumor mill.

"He can’t kiss – he finds it impossible to kiss on screen. He’s probably not very good off screen either. It’s not just me – other actresses agree. Whenever we get chatting off screen and we get around to talking, we come to the same conclusion.’”


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