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Tim Burton has a cult following of fans who understand that a love of macabre style doesn't have to be morbid, and one of his movies has captured their imaginations more than 22 years: the iconic Nightmare Before Christmas.

A staggering 22 years after the unlikely Disney movie was first released, this multi-seasonal smash hit is still capturing the imaginations of some of the best cosplayers in the biz, but which one of them will inspire you this Halloween?

14. American Gothic Revisited

Image: Jesse Draper

Jack and Sally channel their inner art critics in this haunting studio snap.

13. It Is Plain as Anyone Could See We're Simply Meant to Be

Image: Maszaat

He might not have eyeballs, but you can totally see the look of love in Jack's sockets.

12. This Is Halloween

Image: Maho Urei

This guy has totally nailed Jack Skellington's sinewy posture, not to mention the back drop.

11. Doll Eyes

Image: Cosplay by Scarlette Cosplay, photography by Life

This stunning Rag Doll Sally creation has suitably haunting eyes.

10. Oogie Boogie Man

Image: Inuki Cosplay

He might be full of insects and malice, but Oogie Boogie Man still knows how to have a good time on Halloween!

9. Zeroing In

Image: Kamaitachy-Raven

A Jack Skellington cosplay is never complete without a ghost dog to guide him through the Hinterlands.

8. Finkelstein Fun

Image: Hopie-chan

Dr. Finkelstein's flirtatious pose is possibly even more disturbing than his exposed brain.

7. Triple Threat

Image: Jack by Kaiser-mony, Sally by Enter-Stinky and Oogie Boogie Man by Aerialdown

What's this? In my bones I feel the warmth.

6. Trick or Treat

Image: Imgur

I have a feeling these mischievous little guys much prefer the first option...

5. Sew Beautiful

Image: ShlachinaPolina

This awesome Sally cosplay comes from Russia with love.

4. Mayor of Madness

Image: Linda Waldman

How did this guy get elected again?

3. Squad Goals

Image: Ex-shadow

THIS is Halloween!

2. Graveyard Rock

Image: Ducky Jessica

Sally might have embraced the joy of Christmas, but she still has a morbid side.

1. Suits You, Sir

Image: Ex-shadow

This outfit is so good, it could be a cleverly photographed action figure.


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