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...e other then the turncoat preacher Gabriel, but your article's biblical reference took it to a whole other level for me! The show does use many literary references including scripture in its story lines and plots. So well done for picking this one out. The angel Gabriel is known as the "messenger" for the Lord. He is tasked with providing God's warnings and announcing his plans. He is often depicted with a horn, an instrument used throughout time to make proclamations. So if Gabriel in an attempt to warn the others does sound a horn to do good then that would make sense. But what if Gabriel's intentions are not good? What if he is the horn blower and his motivation is actually to hurt the survivors of Alexandria? He has the motive. We all saw him being put down by Deanna and Rick during the show. And I don't believe yet that he has had a sudden change of heart about how he truly feels for Rick & Co. So what if Gabriel was drawing inspiration from another text from the "Good Book". Namely the Book of Joshua (Chapter 6) in the Old Testament. It's the story of Joshua and the battle of Canaan. In the story the Lord brought the Israelites out of Egypt and to the walls of Canaan. There he told them to take the city in his name. The Lord commanded Joshua to parade his troops around the city for seven days while the priests blew their horns. On the seventh day when the priests blew their horns the troops we're commanded to shout. And at the great sound they created the walls would fall and the city would be wide open for their attack. Joshua's followers did as they were instructed and the walls fell. The troops entered the city and slayed everyone inside (expect one conspirator and her family). Every man, woman and child was killed and the city was burned to the ground. Did Gabriel, the priest, sound the horn that will cause the walls of Alexandria to fall? Was this what he thinks is a righteous act of faith and/or a calculated act of vengeance? We shall find out Sunday and I for one can not wait to get the answer. (Episode Grade: B)

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