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Shadan Syed

Just imagine, if you were a HUGE superstar working in Marvel movies and earning millions of dollars, wouldn't you think of yourself as successful in life? I mean, surely people would recognize you wherever you go and you would be constantly swarmed by fans? Well, Chris Pratt (yeah, him!) experienced something very different in NYC recently.

When Pratt visited his Parks and Recreation bud, Billy Eichner for a quick round of "For A Dollar" on Billy on the Street they discovered something pretty shocking. Many New Yorkers didn't even recognize Chris - Star Lord - Pratt! Check out the video for yourself!

How can someone not recognize him?! I mean the following reactions would be haunting Chris at the moment! First of all this man who knew the obvious:

"You are an actor. "- Ignorant Man

Then this lady who confused him with his SNL co star and first name sharer, Chris Evans.

"Chris Evans?" - Confused Woman

And then this...

"WOW! "- Happy Grandma!

After watching the video, I am seriously left with no words, so I'll let this gif do the talking.


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