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After I went to see Jurassic World at the cinema with my family, I felt like something was lacking. The excitement I felt when Jurassic Park was released was intense, but Jurassic World didn't excite me. This got me to thinking, is Jurassic Park better than Jurassic World? If so why?

Heres what I came up with...

Dinosaurs in Modern Day Was a New Concept

When Jurassic Park was released it was a huge success. Most people had no idea what a Tyrannosaurus Rex sounded like, or about cloning technology. Therefore, all those ideas were new and original. This helped with the success of the movie because the filmmakers weren't asking you to just accept what they were saying, they explained how dinosaurs could actually exist again. This prospect was every child's dream. A world were dinosaurs could exist was never thought of before, so Jurassic Park was showing us the way.

Jurassic Park Has a Simple Story

Two paleontologists are introduced to a wealthy benefactor who promises them a grant for their research if they come and inspect his park. There is a lot of mystery at this point as you are not told what this park is. We see the helicopter takes off and the archaeologists arrive to inspect the amusement park. Upon arriving there and being taken for a quick tour they see something amazing-- a real life dinosaur!! Lots of them, all mingling and co-existing. They are dumb founded as to how this has been done. The benefactor offers to explain how.

With the use of cloning they were able to find fossillised dinosaur blood in a mosquito set in amber. Thus, they made dinosaurs. They had made many species the Velocirapor, T-Rex, Stegosaurus and more. This was an amazing park were you could visit real life dinosaurs. Not everything goes according to plan, when the dinosaurs get out thanks to freak weather... and cause havoc.

Jurassic World Has More Horror

For many people this was the first example of a dinosaur in a movie and it lived up to it's expectations. The infamous roar( now generally accepted as a T-Rex roar) the rumbling and ripples in the water and how Velociraptors hunted were all taught to us in this film. These facts were used to make the film terrifying and that is what I feel let Jurassic World down. It wasn't scary enough.

Jurassic Park showed what happens when humans enter the dinosaur world and it is an intense, nail biting experience. Being ruthlessly hunted for food, trying to escape while avoiding dinosaurs and trying to communicate with the outside world: the problems faced by these survivors were endless.

The infamous kitchen scene were the raptors are hunting the children is gripping. They made nail-biting dinosaurs such as the one below, which also turn out to be terrifying!

Looks cute...but
Looks cute...but

Jurassic Park is Iconic

The Original
The Original

Every Jurassic Park that has come forward since the original has never really lived up to the hype of Jurassic Park. And they weren't bad films , they just had a great and iconic film before them to live up to.

And with Jurassic World it was evident that the film makers had tried to incorporate little touches nods to Jurassic Park.These did not go unnoticed, such as the electric Jeeps from the first movie, the same animated D.N.A structure, a hologram of a famous dinosaur from Jurassic Park, the T-Shirt a staff member is wearing from the original park... the list goes on. They also added a modern day scare factor in the form of the Indominus Rex, but it still wasn't as terrifying.

Jurassic World's Raptor Squad

"Clever girl!"
"Clever girl!"

The story is simple, Jurassic World is now a futuristic resort were the main characters work. The have been using D.N.A again to create new dinosaurs to keep the public entertained. They also have a trainer who has trained 4 Raptors to complete commands using a respect based system.

I personally found this an odd concept because in Jurassic Park, we are told that raptors are very intelligent killers that can hunt in packs and above all can not be tamed. Therefore, I didn't think that this concept worked with what we had already been told. You can not train raptors -least of all with respect.

The Indominus Rex.

The lab's concoction
The lab's concoction

Based on a T-Rex with Raptor spliced in, this beast was to be a show stopper. Designed to scare the visitors, she was created to scare people. However, with Raptor spliced in she is highly intelligent and demonstrates this by luring people into her cage by making them think she escaped, only to then attack and escape. This is then the basis of this film, as the Indominus Rex has escaped and is killing everything in it's path. During the film it is suggested that they use the trained Raptors to hunt her, and this leads to the discovery that the Indigenous Rex is part Raptor.

With only 4 small raptors against the Indominus Rex, the main character gets the idea to bring the T-Rex to fight the Indominus Rex. This to me was almost comical. I had no idea that this wasn't meant to be viewed like that but I don't understand why releasing another massive dinosaur,who wiped out the first park and caused lots of problems, is a good idea.

The T-Rex
The T-Rex

This is probably why many fans didn't love this movie as much as the first. Although it is a good movie , it didn't have the same fear factor that the original had and it lacked the terror of Jurassic Park.

We can only hope that the next offering of Jurassic Park contains everything we, as fans, have come to love about this movie. The terror and thrill of the hunt, the funny little quips, a good story and something that makes us glad that dinosaurs don't exist any more!

But what do you think? Did Jurassic World live up to Jurassic Park? Did you think Jurassic World was better? Please feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts.


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