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You may recall Jason Momoa's massively buff, honorable and tribal character, Khal Drogo, was poisoned and essentially zombified in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, only to be put out of his misery by his loving bride, Khaleesi a.k.a. Daenerys Targaryen. She burned his body and let his soul free, but is there a chance of his return?

Check out the photos that have surfaced from the set of Game of Thrones Season 6. Flashbacks are supposed to play a key role in the new season, which would explain Momoa's return to the show. However, with Jon Snow resurrection rumors running rampant, this could be something along the same lines.

Also, honestly, that might not even be him...

Is that Khal Drogo?

Khaleesi was forced to tragically put an end to Khal Drogo's life in the now-iconic Season 1

Could that be Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa -- and a huge production team?

Here's 'Jason' and Emilia waiting for their cue

I simply can't wait for Season 6. If that's him, Momoa is a big draw for me, as he was one of the more awesomely stoic characters from the first season. Like Momoa, Ned Stark (played by Sean Bean) is rumored to return as well -- there are no pictures to support this rumor, though and it seems way less likely to be true.

We do know that Khaleesi has been kidnapped, as of the end of Season 5, so she might be back in Dorthraki custody.

Game of Thrones returns April 2016.

Now take a look at Khaleesi's fire rebirth scene... one of the best of the entire series...

(Via: dailymail)


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