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In this reboot, The Turtles are Huge and I'm not referencing them in terms of their popularity. No,...LITERALLY!!!

The Turtles look absolutely TOO big to not be considered walking talking lethal weapons due to their OVERLY Exaggerated, Hulk-like hight, size and strength. Take for example in the 2014 remake where instead of the NINJA turtles taking down the villainous Foot clan with their signature trademark fighting style known as

Martial Arts, they instead are picking up whole trailers using them as fly swatters, swinging and hitting the foot clan with them. They've lost the concept right there, I mean this would be an excellent live action movie concept IF THIS where a Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Movie. The writers should once again work with what they have to work with and actually concider trying to convey 4 walking talking turtles whom have become ninjas and are brothers. Thats a great concept to sell (start here and build your movie universe from within these foundations...that is...if tmnt2 writers and producers care to please real fans) and take their focus off terrible rushed ideas that could easily be resolved by

listening to true turtle fans and stop referencing that easy watch watered down edited 1987 cartoon version of the turtles. Reference the root of the turtles fandom which started in 1984's tmnt:vol1

Don't focus your references for the turtles on the 1987 edited cartoon realm of the turtles, Instead pick up the Tmnt: Vol1 for your movies as it would potentially increase your earnings up by 50 to 65 percent


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