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Season 6 Premiere Episode.


Short review: WOW! I LOVED IT!

Long review:

Daryl and his Zombie parade was amazing! LOVED all the walkers!

I thought the black and white back story was an excellent way to keep us up to speed on what has transpired since last we saw our group in season 5.

I am so glad to see Daryl have his own thoughts and ideas but, still respecting Rick’s position as leader. Not that I feel Rick is the best leader but, more on that in a moment. Daryl is coming out of the background just enough for us to see that he is a different person than he was. He cares about his family and is starting to come into his own in the group. More than once all Daryl has had to do is say “Rick” and it brings Rick back down from his craziness. I am sad at all the hurt we see in Daryl’s eyes, first when Rick says that Daryl will be riding his bike leading the walkers out of the quarry and second while leading them out. Is he feeling hurt by Rick? By this world that has been forced upon them? Or something much deeper?

Abraham is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I loved him in Season 5 and the construction site scene. He took a leadership role that we all know he is made for but had been so obsessed with getting Eugene to Washington until this point had not stepped up to do so. I can’t figure out if he has a death wish or is just concerned about Sasha but, I am glad he was with her in the car. Where does he keep finding all the booze? :/

Eugene was comical. Almost every scene he was in received laughs from me! Except when we thought Carter was going to waste him. But, I knew Rick or someone would save him!

The Quarry!! YES! We heard ‘spoilers’ that this season would be FILLED with Walkers and so far, we got what was promised!! WOW! To quote Carol “It’s terrifying” The scene (pictured above) with Morgan & Rick was awesome!!

Rick Grimes…well, he has become someone I hoped he wouldn’t. He is so hell bent on keeping everyone safe at ANY cost he has lost who he really is. I get it, its the ZA and you do need to fight to keep yours safe. But, he has a policy of “it’s my way or the highway” and I do not think that can last. His group is hanging on by a thread. I see it in Daryl, Glenn & Morgan’s eyes. That said I will always love Rick Grimes as the leader of this group! Is he the best man for the job mentally…maybe not but, Rick gets things done! And, with two kids in tow he has more to lose than most of them!

I am not quite sure why Morgan & Michonne were so upset w/ Rick killing Carter after he was bitten. He was screaming and drawing all the walkers towards Alexandria. I know they both heard the conversation about why Rick didn’t kill him when he had the chance but, come on, what were his options?

The scene w/ Tara & Maggie tore at my heart strings! AWWW It had to be very hard for Maggie to know that Tara was on the Governors side when her father was killed but, she forgave and look at them now. The fact that they are trying to forgive Nicholas in the same way is admirable but, I believe it can’t end well. Nicholas isn’t the same person Tara is. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Oh, and Rick’s shut down of Father Gabriel…brilliant!

Ok! Enough! I do need to re-watch for all the things I missed! :) I always pick up more each time I re-watch!


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