ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

We love the entire franchise. We're still cowering over the thought of Jason coming after us if we ever get the idiotic idea of going to summer camp.

And that mask. Oh, the fear it induces.

Well gamers, it's time to test your camping skills with Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp, also known as Friday the 13th: The Game!

It's been over thirty years since the film was first released in 1980, and we have been scratching our heads wondering when a video game based off the movie would ever come into creation.

Gun Media and IllFonic are partnering with Crystal Lake Entertainment and allowing you the chance to be Jason yourself with this new game, which you can support by visiting its Kickstarter page here.

If you think you have what it takes to prey upon innocent kids at Camp Crystal Lake, this game is perfect for you. If you instead want to be a teenager who tries not to be murdered by Jason, you can do that as well. I imagine that version to be much, much more frightening, though.

[Source: Facebook, Kickstarter, Polygon]


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