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The MCU has given a few memorable villains, most notably Loki and The Red Skull. However, it has also given some very forgettable ones. It’s no secret that a great movie or series almost always needs a great villain, and with the huge slate Marvel has laid out for the near future, we’re going to get some great new ones.

[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will be giving us Baron Zemo and Crossbones, Doctor Strange will be giving us Baron Mordo and, of course, The Avengers: Infinity War will finally be bringing us Thanos. But I think the best new MCU villain is flying way under the radar.

Jessica Jones is set to debut next month on Netflix, and with the new series, comes one of the more disturbing villains that Marvel Comics has to offer.

Purple Man will be the next big MCU villain!

Zebediah Killgrave, also known as Purple Man, has the ability to make people do anything he says. The morally corrupt mind controller is a villain in the truest sense of the word. He will do what he wants, when he wants, almost always at the expense of others. He’s going to have something that other villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have not.

You’re going to HATE him!

The guy is a creep. In the comics, he used is powers of persuasion to force a woman to marry him. He also controlled Jessica Jones for some time, forcing her to live with him while torturing her. He’s not your typical comic book villain. In fact, he’s closer to a horror villain than anything.

This sets him apart from the MCU villains we already know and love. Loki’s sense of humor combined with his incredible ambition and hint of controlled insanity, make him so much fun to watch on screen. Don’t expect that same kind of feeling when watching Killgrave. I would expect more of an uncomfortable sensation every time you see him.

And of course, a character is only ever as good as the actor who portrays him. That won’t be a problem here.

David Tennant will be great!

Tennant is very popular for his work on Doctor Who so, while this will be very different, he is more than familiar with the genre. He is a decorated actor with several awards for his work both in television and in film. And, as an added bonus, he’s a fan of Marvel (just look at the shirt).

Tennant will certainly bring the character to life in the most effectively creepy way possible. And perhaps the best part of that will be the lack of limitations on his performance.

Netflix will allow him to be the monster that he is!

After the first episode was screened for fans at NYCC, the most common response going around is that it is a very “adult” show. Purple Man is not someone who could have been used well on cable or in a PG-13 movie. Netflix will bring us the creepy and disturbing Purple Man that we want to see.

Daredevil was incredible, and I fully expect Jessica Jones to be the same. Purple Man will be a big part of the show’s success.


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