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I'm aware I'm a little late to this. But better late then never, right? The Flash season 2 premiere definitely put the season off to a good start. First this, then that, then, wait, what just happened? Okay, let's get to it, shall we?

5: Joe's (And Cisco's) Meta-Human Taskforce

Joe and Cisco just can't stay away, can they? Even after Barry has refused there help they found a way to fight Meta's. Cisco will always make gadgets and devices like the boot. And Joe will never say no to a challenge, not even Grodd. Remember that? Of course the task force will expand as the season goes on (*cough* Patty Spivot). Let's hope they actually stop a meta without Barry, because that would be awesome!

4: Caitlin at Mercury Labs

This isn't really the shocking part, what I'm trying to say is we distanced herself from Team Flash as well. She kinda iced them out (haha). She got a job at Mercury Labs and hasn't spoken to anyone since number 3 happened (I'll get there don't worry). Of course she comes back in the opener, like any good tv character does. But the distance may affect Caitlin, as well as the new position.

3: Ronnie "Dies"

The Flash was able to slow the singularity, however, it didn't destroy it. The only thing that could have stopped it was Firestorm separating in the eye of it. Ronnie and Stein fly up, and separate. The Flash is able to save Stein, but not Ronnie. Of course he's not dead, no superhero actually dies. He's probably on Earth Two. I think we will see him back, however not any time soon considering we are getting a Jason Rusch Firestorm for Legends of Tomorrow. I hope they bring him bac as soon as possible, even if I don't ship Snowstorm (Caitlin and Ronnie).

2: Wells Confesses/Henry is Sent Free

This proves hope is never lost. That justice will be served. Wells leaves a video in case of his death for Barry to watch, and he watches it. The video is a full confession to the murder of Nora Allen. It was enough to set Barry's dad (Henry) free from Iron Heights. I'm got going to act tough, i cried a little at this point. It's what he's been working towards for 15 years, and it was on one little flash drive. I'm gonna need a minute :,(.

1: Jay Garrick

I know it didn't show him in costume, but he was still there! "My name is Jay Garrick, and your world is in danger." Yay!!!!!!!!! I was so excited, I didn't think I'd get him until the second episode! For those of you who don't know (which I'm hoping is no one) Jay Garrick was the Golden Age Flash, the first before Barry in the comics. He is from Earth Two, which is where he comes from in the show. He is the Flash there. He's been a speedster a lot longer then Barry, so he will act as a Wells type figure this season, a mentor to Barry (don't worry he's actually a good guy). He will help Team Flash against Zoom, who I can't wait to see! This is gonna be a very, very good season.


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