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I am a major fan of comics, movies, books, anime. I love cosplay and I love to cosplay.
Zoe Pine

Many cosplayers love how cosplay has become more and more a part of mainstream media and not taboo. However, cosplayers are now faced with the very thing that cosplay had protected them from for years: body shame and racism.

Cosplayers such as Geisha Vi, Misa on Wheels, and others have been attacked repeatedly over Social Media for not being the same body type, race, or even disabilities while in cosplay.

This is a huge problem, seeing as cosplay started as the love that nerds have for specific characters and their happiness is the central point in making a costume and wearing it in public. Then, getting bashed and called out for your race, your size, and even being in a wheelchair. It's incredibly demeaning to people who have spent hundreds of dollars, either making or buying their cosplay, and wearing it in public to show how much they love this character.

Imagine getting bashed for your love of a character.

What can be done to stop it?

There are two sides to this, those who cosplay and those who don't or haven't. Both sides can do something to stop cosplay inequality and bullying.

Cosplayers can support people who they see getting bullied. COMPLIMENT THE COSTUME. It doesn't matter if they bought or made the costume; if it's their first or twenty fifth; compliment it. Your words could keep them coming to cons and save their future in cosplay. You could be a mentor, and that should be a good enough reason.

People outside of cosplay can start by calling what the person cosplays as the character name, instead of adding their race, weight, or disability. Don't call them 'Black Sailor Moon'! Call them 'Sailor Moon'! Also, don't demean the cosplayers. They spent so much time to make this costume. They don't deserve it.

And everyone remember: if you're at a con looking at a cosplay, you're all most likely nerds so stay positive and treat everyone with respect. Just saying.



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