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Ever imagine a Disney version of League of Legends? Or what it would be like if the Disney princesses became the female characters of League? Now you can with what Reem Elasar imagined up.

I was scrolling tumblr (again) while taking a break from classes today and stumbled upon Disney princesses re-imagined as a few familiar League of Legends characters. My friends and I all play LoL, or at least I used to before my computer decided not cooperate with me anymore, so I was delighted to discover them. Also being a Disney fan, I've always wondered what the Disney characters would be like in other worlds. In this case, I found our beloved Disney princesses to be transformed into the beloved characters from the popular game.

Here's a few of the Disney princesses re-imagined in the world of League of Legends:

Rapunzel as Jinx

Ariel as Miss Fortune

Snow White as Fiora

Aurora as Ahri

Elsa as Ashe

I already love the characters in LoL and couldn't have possibly imagined them with their Disney counterparts. Yet, I feel as though Reema re-imagined each character perfectly to the world of League.

I especially love Elsa as Ashe. This was a perfect re-imagination compared to all the other works I've seen and I can't help but feel that Disney and the creators of League need to get on this or at least involve the house of mouse somehow,much like how K-Pop group SNSD was involved with Ahri's character skin.

You guys can check out more of Reema's work on her tumblr or on devianart.


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