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Last week I had a comic book store gabfest about 'who is our favorite female comic book character'? While the most popular names to come up included Harley Quinn, Squirrel Girl, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Power Girl and Mystique, I was the only person to name She-Hulk. My selection came as a bit of a surprise to my peers - which in turn surprised me!

She-Hulk #1 was the first comic book I received as a child that starred a female hero. I have to admit my 8 year old self had a crush on the green beauty. I've loved the character and her adventures as actress and lawyer Jennifer Walters ever since.

She-Hulk was one of the first female Marvel superheroes to receive her own title and as a former member of the Avengers and Fantastic Four, she is a Marvel mainstay who has proven her might, intelligence and power too many times to count. Personally, I believe She-Hulk doesn't get the respect she deserves. She-Hulk is awesome!

Thus, the idea was spawned to create a 'larger than life' dedication to my childhood comic book crush. I decided to make a giant-sized 3D cardboard rendition of She-Hulk #1. Measuring 23"x15" (roughly 235% larger than the original comic), multiple layers of double corrugated cardboard was hand cut and carefully formed into the images of the comic's exact cover. Jennifer is the highest level of the image, followed by She-Hulk, the logo and the flat background base.

After making the final design and hanging it on my wall, the creative bug in me decided to keep on going. Why stop at She-Hulk? Deadpool and Harley Quinn are super hot right now and their first appearance covers posed even a greater cutting challenge than She-Hulk #1.

After two days of cutting and gluing, A giant-sized rendition of Batman Adventures #12 and New Mutants #98 joined She-Hulk #1 in the cardboard 3D realm (aka - my living room wall).

I really enjoyed making them all and I look forward to creating more 3D covers featuring additional notable first appearances in Marvel, DC and other publishers. Next Men #21 next...?

As a side note, I would like to invite everyone who enjoys cardboard art and invention to the launch of my first DIY craft book: The Cardboard Bible. This book is meant to share techniques to make boring scrap cardboard into useful awesome stuff. See what you think:

Cheers :-)


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