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(Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for 'The Walking Dead'. Read at your own risk.)

I, as well as many other people, glue my face to the TV screen every Sunday night, to watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead. The show has made its living on telling the story of a group of survivors scouring the country, trying to survive the walking dead. It can be a humbling and a depressing thing to watch, as the group lives in a world where there is no electricity and no regular source of food or water. When it comes down to it though, we know deep down that the show isn't real and a zombie apocalypse won't happen.

But what if some sort of apocalyptic event were to happen in the near future. Would it be the same as 'The Walking Dead'? Or would it be different? There's probably some truth to both questions. That's what this whole article is about, trying to see what 'The Walking Dead' tells us about a possible apocalyptic event.

Lack of Food and Water

This is a big one. The characters in the show are always trying to find a source of food and clean water. With the lack of mass production, food quickly becomes a rarity. It gets so bad that Carl even tries to eat cat food at one point.

But is this realistic? I would say that this is a pretty realistic part of the show. If a devastating world event were to happen, food would become hard to find.


In the show, a group of survivors located at a train station called Terminus, turn to cannibalism after their base is attacked. Rick and the rest of the survivors come across the base looking for shelter and refuge. Little did they know that the people there would try to eat them.

But is this realistic? If the factors are right, this could very well play out in a real world apocalyptic event. When people get to hungry, they can possibly resort to cannibalism. This has been shown to be true many times before in real life.

The Attempt To Create a Community and Government

The attempt to rebuild a community has been tried many times before. Whether it was the prison, Woodbury, or Alexandria, 'The Walking Dead' tries very hard to show us the need for organization and safety.

But would this be realistic? I can almost guarantee that if an apocalyptic event were to happen, people would automatically try to create a new world. It's human nature to want structure and a home.

Zombies or Walkers

The show itself is titled 'The Walking Dead', so we already know that they play a big part by just reading the title. The walkers are the lead antagonists in the story, and play a big part in shaping the survivors world.

But are zombies/walkers realistic? Probably not. Although there may be virus or infectious diseases that could possibly create something like a zombie, I think we all know something like this will probably never happen.

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