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We have all heard about the Sony/ Marvel deal which allows Spiderman to join the MCU, I think it is time for Fox to follow Sony in sharing its Marvel Characters (X Men and Fantastic Four) with Marvel Studion. Here are the Reasons why.

1. It is the end of Hugh Jackmans Career as Wolverine

We all know that Wolverine 3 which will be released in 2017, will be Hugh Jackmans last outing as Wolverine. Most fans would want the last outing to be an adaptation of Old Man Logan, but I would like this film to be an adaptation of The Death of Wolverine which will close Hugh Jackmans career as Wolverine.

2. Fox's 2015 Fantastic Four movie was a huge flop

As Fox's recent 2015 adaptation of the Fantastic Four flopped far worse than Sonys Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014) , I think it is time that Fox needs to at least share the Fantastic Four with Disney/ Marvel Studios. Also Marvel Studios owns the rights of the other important Fantastic Four Characters such as the Black Panther and the Inhumans, who all first appeared in the Fantastic Four comics.

3. End the Fox/ Marvel feud

We all heard about Marvels feud with Fox Studios about movie rights. Marvel is shutting down Fox's Marvel properties in ways such as banning new Mutants, cancelling the Fantastic Four Comic, killing of Wolverine and the absence of Fox owned Marvel Characters in 2015's Marvel poster. I think Fox needs to play ball with Marvel like Sony.

4. It would be a huge benefit for Fox

Fox owns some of Marvels iconic heroes (Wolverine) and villains (Dr Doom, Magneto and Galactus). We all have heard that Robert Downey Jr may be retiring as Marvel studios poster boy, Iron Man in post Avengers Infinity War. If Fox shared its Marvel character with Disney/ Marvel studios, It is possible that Wolverine (Fox owned) may take Iron Mans place as Marvel Studios poster boy. Also some of Fox owned Marvel villains such as Dr Doom and Galactus have the potential to become the big bads in Marvel Phase 4 and Phase 5.

Do you all think Fox Should share its Marvel properties with Disney/ Marvel?++


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