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Imagine you're a house (trust me, this is going somewhere). Now, imagine you're a little cabin in the middle of the woods, just relaxing, enjoying the cool air. Now, what would you do if a bunch of college students arrived at your doorstep and found a book left in your basement that brings destruction and death within you.

For a small cabin in Michigan, this was the unfortunate case. As young Ashley J. Williams and his four friends ventured out to the cabin for a nice, quiet weekend, they discovered an ancient book in the cellar: the Necronomicon. After playing a tape that they find with the book, they release an evil that possesses them one by one, and young Ash is forced to fight and kill his friends to defeat the evil.

Now, you may be thinking Ash is the hero in this story here, but in reality, he's one of the main villains. Before he and his friends showed up, there was actually a professor and his wife staying there that had discovered the Necronomicon and read its passages first, releasing the evil and subsequently killing them, leaving the cabin in peace.

When Ash and his friends showed up, they unearthed the book that the cabin was trying its best to hide, and led to the destruction of much of the house, and its eventual demise.

Still a better book than "Twilight."
Still a better book than "Twilight."

Now, don't get me wrong, cabins are definitely made for people to stay in, and this cabin was perfectly okay with Ash and his friends coming for a little R&R. But, it would've liked a little more time to recuperate after having witnessed the professor dismember his wife in order to save her from the possession, and then the professor's undetermined death himself. It also would've liked a little more time to hide the book better, so that no one could find it ever again and never unleash the destruction upon its worn-down structure.

Once all hell broke loose in the cabin, the evil that floated around the forest and only the characters could see, not only terrorized the young students, but also the cabin itself. Windows were shattered by either the invisible force itself, or by a large branch the force decided to throw through it. Doors were constantly slammed, and one was even torn in half by the entity as it lifted the "protagonist" into the air for possession.

Even in the sequel, Evil Dead II, the poor cabin was subjected to being boarded up by Ash, as well as multiple bullet wounds as he tried to kill his possessed severed hand. That blood coming from the wall may have seemed like it was the entity, but it was actually the cabin's blood from all of its wounds over the course of the two movies.

At the end of the second film, the cabin is attacked by a physical manifestation of the evil, and is then subjected to trying to survive a wormhole. After the delirious, chainsaw-wielding maniac is sucked into the wormhole, we never see the poor little cabin again, and its fate remains a mystery.

Our hopes and prayers go out to the cabin and its architect, as we hope that the house is now resting in peace.


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