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Tom Hanks was a nobody? Of course every actor starts somewhere. Before Tom Hank's new movie, Bridge of Spies, opens this weekend, I will discuss some of his early TV appearances. Some funny, some obscure, some are

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Tom Hanks Plays a Drunk

Around 1983-1984, one of the big actors of the time was teenage sensation Michael J. Fox. He starred as Alex P. Keaton on the television show FAMILY TIES. In 3 of the episodes, Tom Hanks played uncle Ned Donnelly. If you didn't know, Alex P. Keaton was a very intelligent kid, and he finds out he gets his smarts from his uncle Ned. Ned was a big business guy that eventually got in trouble with the law. That's not what Family Ties regulars remember Tom Hanks for on the show. It turns out, uncle Ned was also a drunk. The famous scene is Alex confronting his uncle, and convincing his family that he has a problem.

Tom Hanks Gets Stoned

Not only does Tom Hanks play a convincing drunk, be he pulled off being stoned out of his mind as a college student on the TV show Taxi. The importance of this episode was to show Reverend Jim Ignatowski (Christopher Lloyd) from Taxi what he was like before he started taking drugs, a clean-cut Harvard student. I guess we have Tom Hanks to blame for pushing drugs onto Jim, and making Christopher's Lloyd character one of the most iconic during the 80's.

Tom Hanks Sets Sail on The Love Boat

Probably one of Tom Hanks totally cheesy scenes is from the episode "Sergeant Bull/Friends and Lovers/Miss Mother" on The Love Boat. If you remember the character Gopher, he pretends to pose as Julie's lover. This is a plan to keep away his fraternity brother Rick Martin played by Tom Hanks. But I have to say, if you check out this Vine video, it's a semi-creepy role for Mr. Hanks.

Tom Hanks Fights The Fonz!

It's totally true! I bet you didn't know that Tom Hanks had a cameo on the 80's show Happy Days. He plays the character Dr. Dwayne Twitcher. He's come back to seek revenge on The Fonz for picking on him 17 years ago. This time, he's learned some karate moves to fight The Fonz. Check it out!

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